About me

Daniel Carrillo-Jara

I received my BA in Literature from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and my Ph.D. in Latin-American Literature with a Digital Humanities certificate from Purdue University. My dissertation titled, “Acumulaciones del capital literario: construcciones del canon en la literatura peruana,” investigates the literary canon formation in Peru through the publications on the history of literature, anthologies of poetry, and Wikipedia, from the beginning of the 20th century to the current decade.

As a specialist in Cultural Analytics, I have a strong interest in interdisciplinary data science, particularly in the areas of data visualization and textual analysis. I have used Digital Humanities methods to achieve the recovery and preservation of Latin American literary data and resources. My research aim is twofold: reclaiming national literary heritage and closing the “digital divide” between countries of Global North and Latin America.

I have created the From Disasters to Celebrations digital archive. This archive has the goal of preserving Peruvian novels published between 1885 and 1921. The project intends to facilitate the digital repatriation of Peruvian cultural heritage and allow open access to Latin American scholars. This project has received recognition from the Ministry of Culture of the Peruvian government in 2020 and 2021, to be precise, the funding support of “Economic Incentives for the Book and the Promotion of Reading” for two consecutive years.

I am also working on the preservation and the valorization of the Antonio Cornejo Polar, Jorge Cornejo Polar, and Francisco Carrillo Espejo papers, owned by the Centro de Estudios Literarios Antonio Cornejo Polar (CELACP). The three collections as a whole provide a deep approach to the Peruvian intellectual history related to literature, culture, and education.